WOW Radio


Born on the Southside of Chicago, ShayBoogie came into the world in the 80’s. Growing up as a kid she always had a passion of radio and dance. She always took her small radio and cassettes and started playing like she had her own show. In high school she listened to her favorite radio shows, such as  WGCI 107.5 and 106.3 Jamz. At 106 Jamz she became regular involved with Jammin Dave and Medley Mel morning shows. She was up early every day and went to the station just to sit in and shadow with them before school. She had the pleasure of meeting famous artists, and was able to gather a lot of fame. A graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a B.A. in communications, she is now a graduate of Illinois Media School.

C-dilla DaCount was born and raised as Cortez White on the Westside of Chicago. A graduate of Orr High School. He began writing his own music in December of 1998. He performed at various locations and thus created a healthy fan base. Over time his ambitions changed, and he created his own label called CaveRoom Entertainment. In order to push his brand he joined Illinois Media School. It was here he met Shayboogie, and together they co-host on Windy City Underground every Tuesday from 9am-11am. A fan of all forms of media, he currently dreams of helping other bring their dream to the light.