I go by the name of LarroDidThat, yes, all one word or Larro Dinero. I started in the industry back in 2009 as an inspiring artist by the name of L-Moe, that when I fostered a love for audio/ visual production. I started recording, writing, mixing and editing my own songs / videos. Eventually friend and peers began requesting that I help manage and work on their projects. From there I went into business for myself and started “Yung Heavy Music Group” which over the years became “LARRODIDTHAT PRODUCTIONS.” I previously opened for Drake back in 2010 at NIU, I Also Performed at Kappa Karnival during PLAYERS BALL @ SIU Carbondale in 09. Since I’ve went on to do more performances and more recently, I’ve started producing beats. Now my focus has been working on building my brand. Over the years I’ve worked on countless projects with a multitude of up-and-coming artists. I offer an authentic approach to achieve the highest level of audio-visual production that meets Industry Quality. My goal is to bring you imagination to life. No matter the job it’s my obligation to make it happen. I bring a more nostalgic/ laid back approach but can turn it up when needed. My inspiration comes from my lord and savior and from my hometown of Chicago where I was born and raised. Musically my inspiration comes from Jay-z, Kanye and LIL Wayne. One day I hope to be working on your project.