Thanksgiving born and raised all over the The Land of the Go! Mainly Southside Named ToiAnna & nickname -Toi “but was never interested played or participated in any games ! my thing was playing the music. I was always the one at the family Gatherings ,birthdays parties’ peoples porches didn’t matter I was like Jay Z don’t ever stop the music & could entertain all ages of a crowd - Growing up Id record GCI‘s house music on Fridays and Saturdays -then it was called dubbing & I walked around with boom boxes and call myself Dj toy Capri -I was always told I belong and radio due to my voice & asked to host events following that - I Did Media & Tech for VKMI . I enrolled in Illinois media school and was top student in my radio classes that led to an internship a power 92.3 just a few months after enrolling that was complete - I was asked & the first to start my own show express lane on Windy city underground the ground.