Diva House Mondays 11AM-1PM

The Diva House is the place to be where you come in relax and visit many rooms Mz Gina V is the host with the most will make sure before you leave you will not stop talking about what an awesome time you had. Once you enter the house to your right we have The Topic Room where we have The Topic of The Day then to your left it’s The Tea Room where all the finest tea from all over the world is at and also the hottest entertainment news and gossip will be shared. As you walk down the hall to your left you enter a room with purple walls and stage that the late great Prince himself would be proud of  and that is The Venue where all the event in Chicago is going down & where we do interviews with artists & have them perform as well and Chicago best is also take hold where guest tell us where the best food neighborhood places and etc is at in the Chi last & certainly not least the backyard patio where the cocktail hour starts and everyone knows it’s time for Socialite Moment where Mz Gina V announces on all social media platforms ie: Facebook,Twitter,instagram,Snapchat and etc and also mingle with a live socialite. The Diva House is full of fun excitement so please drop by every Monday afternoon @11am-1pm on WindyCityUnderground.com