Wayne’s House of Rock 11-14-2016

Today on the show I touched on the sports teams of Chicago and how they are doing. Obviously, unless you live under a rock, baseball season is over with the Cubs taking the World Series. The Bears season might as well be over based on their performance as of late. The Bulls and the Blackhawks are still in the beginning stages of their seasons, but based on their record to date, things look good for each of them.

‘Tis the season of giving and now it begins in earnest. Some retailers had their Christmas displays started weeks before Halloween, but now that November is here everyone who wasn’t ridiculously early has begun the barrage. Red and green as far as the eye can see, and before you know it they will have Christmas music pumping out of every speaker.

However, now is the time of year when people are a little nicer. A little kinder. More willing to give a little to those less fortunate. Because of that, I bring to your attention a annual fundraiser. It’s not my fundraiser, but that of my favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss. Back in 2008, Mr. Rothfuss started his partnership with Heifer International. Heifer International is a charity that, when invited, they go into impoverish areas and teach people about business, agriculture, raising and breeding of livestock, and various other things along those lines. Also they provide those people the supplies to become self-reliant. Heifer really embraces the “teach a man to fish” mentality. Since it’s inception in 2008 Pat has given his charity work a name, WordBuilders. Wordbuilders is a fantastic fundraiser wherein not only do you get to help Heifer continue their mission of teaching self reliance to poverty stricken areas, but you also get to acquire some pretty cool stuff that Pat has either donated himself or convinced other authors and super geeks to donate. All that being said, swing by the Wordbuilders website. See if they have anything that you want to pick up, or just throw a few bucks their way. This year they arranged to have the first million dollars in donations matched. So, if you give 10 bucks, Heifer receives 20 bucks. Pretty sweet deal if ya ask me. Don’t wait to long though the fundraiser only lasts till the 28th of November.

Thanks Wayniacs and remember to be a little nicer, a little kinder, and it will come back to you. #WHOR #LearnAsWeGo

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