Wayne’s House of Rock 10-17-2016

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Today we touched briefly on a couple of our Chicago teams. Cubs split their home series with the Dodgers 1-1 and continue their push for the big show on Tuesday night. The Bears lost but who’s really surprised about that at this point?

I’m personally excited about the new exhibit coming Oct. 21st to the Field Museum, Tattoo . I’m a big fan of tattoo’s it’s the best form of self expression in my humble opinion. Unless of course you’re just getting them to get them. It’s always better if the art on your body means something to you. To heck with what anyone else thinks.

There are a couple of shows coming up the weekend before Halloween. The first is Guardrail at the Rambler Room at Loyola University on Friday Oct. 28th. All the bands performing will be dressing up and playing as other popular bands. Guardrail will be playing as Blink-41, playing a combination of songs from Blink-182 and Sum 41.

The other show is Loa Hex playing  at Catapult Collectibles in Crystal Lake, Il. on Saturday Oct. 29th from 7 till 10pm. Should be a good show up there in McHenry County. It’s a heck of a drive from the city, but well worth it if I do say so myself.

Minus some technical difficulties and an inability to articulate vocally today I think things went ok. It’s a learning experience.

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