Wayne’s House of Rock 01/09/2017

Ahhh the beginning of a New Year. All the resolutions in full swing. Gyms filled to capacity, fast food places seeing a slight decline in sales, and sales of nicotine cessation going up amongst other things. I hold fast to the belief in no resolution. I never resolve for any changes at the first of the year, because by March at the latest I have reverted back to my old ways, and really who needs that kind of disappointment? Unfortunately, most people are the same way. They make all these bold claims about the things they are going to change and by March, the gyms have emptied out, the fast food places are back to the full swing of things, and cigarette sales are on the rise. If you’re  going to set a goal for yourself, be realistic. Make it a small goal, and work up from there. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s a battle of inches….

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