Time to get colored in with Lizzy!!!!

SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED!!!! Well yes but then again its just Mr.Mayweather again. Floyd Mayweather Jr.(Age 39) has official called out Conner Mcgregor (Age 28)  last Wednesday calling him the Conner Mctapout. If that’s not shots fired, then I don’t know what is. Mayweather then took to tweet and IG to set up a little contest shaming Mcgregor even more. Link Below!!!



The contest it self asked all of his follower to add a great caption one of Mcgergors tap outs. The fight was Nate Diaz Vs. Connor Mcgergor and this all went down mid August of this year. Conner did not say anything back to Mayweather just yet, but with a 12 win and only 3 losses Mcgregor can still hold his head up high. With both of these guy being a great as they are in there field they both can stand talk.

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In more news Chicago is official turning into a ice box, and we all need to leave before we freeze in the streets. Well something like that at least, Chicago is cold but not going to freeze, I joke, I joke. Chicago is having another cold winter and while you expect winder to be cold, DUH! but its cold then it has been in years. With some schools closing, yes all of you lucky kids, I’m jealous. When I was a kid we prayed for closed schools, but no we didn’t get it.


So yes everyone I hoped you all stayed warm today and got out of the cold like these kids did today.

On to other sad news of the day Blac Chyna(Age 28) came out today about some horrible and really relatable new about Son King Cairo Stevenson (Age 4). She came out about how she had to hide the fact she was pregnant. From person experience I can tell you its not a good feeling and I hate to know she had to go threw this. The sliver lining here is that she at least get to have more support this time around.


I hope the other Kardashian women can show Chyna more love, they same love I give to all of you. I happy to report that you just got COLORED IN!!!!!!!!


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