The Double AA Show

Last night on the Double AA Show. We had the pleasure of interviewing a very good friend of mine. Artist and CEO of Clicc Tight,  John Deux Live and CT F1rst Lady. This show was one we have been waiting to do for a while. What can I say?? We have all been very busy, but that’s neither here nor there. The show as a good show and the also brought some good, original, clearly heard, hip-hop through. This dynamic couple is about to hit hard in the industry. John is a mogul mind at work and in school. Hitting hard lyrics that not only sound good, but are relatable for adults and young adults alike. CT F1rst Lady!!!! This is definately a phenomal woman. Attorney, lyracist, author, stunning and about her business. We had a great time and we appreciated every minute of it. The show went a little over which was cool and we also had permission to play their music. Sergio and I alway shave fun though… I’m just saying. We have been missing in action for a while, but we love coming back with a surprise. One power couple, building an empire destined for greatness. No, not me and Serg!!! You guys are silly!!!! Stay tuned for more from these two. They are the move and coming your way soon….


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