Raised in Logan square, 21 years old, RIO MUTASIM started his craft at 11 years. With the influence of his brother along with his friends the possibilities became endless. His first project, “The Premonition” in 2012 assisted by a failed label, arose and lead to Tresside Records Co. in 2015. Tresside, a label of 4 artists including Rio have their 3rd annual show coming soon along with his new album “The Richest Man In Babylon.” This compelling independent artist has put his heart into all his music. XOXO & 5th St, and Oswego are 2 of many songs we will hear on tonight’s show.

Rio also has a band by the name of ‘Clybourn’s Alley’ The band is mixture of rap, R&B, and rock. He collaborated with his two high school friends Isaac and Ian back in 2015 which lead to the growth with their demo. Rio Mutasim is multi-talented artist writer, composer, singer, song writer, musician, director, visionary, and free thinker. His creativity led him to his accomplishments, and he strives to continue producing music as well as other upcoming projects, like his first novel screenplay. Make sure you listen to Rio Mutasim on Spotify, Apple music, YouTube and follow @Riomutasim on IG/Twitter.

Tune in at “Everything is Everything” every Thursday 5-6PM. You don’t want to miss out!

The Richest Man In Babylon album is dropping SOON!

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