Live W/ Queen Imani recap (11/30/2016)

Last week’s show was fun and filled with many surprises. There were two nominees for the   Have a Seat segment. Chicago’s own Jeremih was nominated after he walked off the stage during he and PartyNextDoor’s concert right here in Chicago. There are many rumors circulating as to why Jeremih dropped the mic and walked off the stage but he definitely could have given his hometown fans a better explanation regardless of the situation. However the winner for the segment were most definitely two women from Los Angeles. Last Monday, the two women were involved in a fight over a parking spot that resulted in the two women hopping in their cars and hitting each other’s vehicles bumper car style. Both women’s cars were damaged and one of the women even ran into a fire hydrant which busted open and began shooting water everywhere. WOW. Over a parking spot? They deserve to have several seats after that.

The Don’t Believe the Hype segment was focused on Evelyn Lozada who announced on the daytime talk show, The Real that she would be returning to the next season of Basketball Wives LA. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Evelyn always kept it real and brought the drama, so I am excited to see what she has in store for the upcoming season. However, another surprise is that previous cast members such as Malaysia Pargo, Angel Brinks, Angel Love, Brandi Maxiell and DJ Duffey may not return as full-time cast members. Evelyn says that executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal wants to change the direction of the show. All of the Basketball Wives veterans Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie will all be returning as full-time cast members though. Hmmmm…. *sips tea* 

Check out this week’s Have a Seat Segment and Don’t Believe the Hype  nominees this Wednesday on Live with Queen Imani from 8-10 PM CST!

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