DON of CashOverClout

You’ve met Don before but let me reintroduce you guys to this amazing artist. Don is the creator and founder of CashOverClout, a collective of artists across Chicago that include photographers, musicians and curators. Don is also an actor who’s…

Ice Cube Interview w/ Sophistiratchet Radio!

We are THRILLED to announce that two weeks from today, Dafena "The Black Widow" Russell of Sophistiratchet Radio will be interviewing none other than Ice Cube!!! Tune in at 6 o'clock on June 19th as Cube will be promoting year…


Sophistiratchet Radio Interview w/ Matt Forte

Dafena Russell of Sophistiratchet Radio talked to Matt Forte at his fundraiser recently! Topics include Matt's decision to retire, his goals after retirement from the NFL, his foundation's goal and more..


Isle of Dogs Review

Review of Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs 

By: Manny Perez

I have been a Wes Anderson fan since the Royal Tenebaums. The story, of a wacky family coming together in what they think is a time of crisis…