Evan Nash via Da Penthouse check out his interview 4/12/18 @ 6pm

Evan Nash is a hip-hop artist based out of Chicago. He has been in the industry over 6 years and has garnered over a quarter million streams. Along with collaborating on singles with artists such as Taylor Bennett, Stunt Taylor and Adot, Nash has released a multitude of hits and mixtapes over the years leading up to his debut LP in January of 2018.

Inspired by 90s rock and late 2000s hip hop, Nash brings a diverse and adaptable style to the table and has proven that he can change his sound to appeal to more than one market.

Nash has had the pleasure to perform with notable artists such as (but not limited to) Lil Durk, Riff Raff,

Hoodie Allen, Taylor Gang and JR Donato, Post Malone, and Rico Reckless. He has also collaborated with major artists including, Taylor Bennett, UFB Playmakers, Stunt Taylor and Adot.

Growing his brand and business over the past years has led to a solid base for him to explode in 2018. Representing BombSquad Entertainment, Nash looks to lead a charge to success in the New Year with several projects already set to drop after the LP.

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