BOBO via Da Penthouse Check out his interview 4/12/18 @ 6pm

The music industry is continuously changing in Chicago, thanks to versatile production, a new range of sound, and because of artists sharing experiences through their own music. With the 9-5 routine slowly vanishing from the lives of creatives, one of the most important things for young performers to consider is time management and accountability.

At the age of 22, Bobo has learned to combine his commitment to a full-time job with his musical talent to create a lifestyle that allows him to take full advantage of every opportunity around him. While he is just five years into his music career, Bobo has always loved to write and create music.

As someone who enjoys standing out from the crowd and defying the artistry standard, Bobo recently dropped his mixtape Free Progress in August. With boundless support from his family, friends, and colleagues, Bobo’s personal drive and ambition increases by the day. Combining lyrics and thinking outside the box has awarded Bobo the ability to spread Black entertainment culture and positivity instead of adding to existing stereotypes.

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