Average Bo via Tianna Speaks check out his interview 4/3/18 at 4pm

Average Bo is a South Suburban, IL based emcee Representing “Respected Educated Nation” and “Smiley Tower Ent.” His quick cadences, witty and humorous wordplay, and diverse content over smooth soul driven production is sure to make for an easy, yet widely relatable listening experience. As an early preteen were his first memories of gravitating toward writing as he started with short stories then later graduated to poetry as a teenager.  As poetry was a passion of his he quickly learned it was not his calling and wanted to venture out into the world of performing arts in a different fashion. Knowing how personal his poetry was to him he decided to record them over old school instrumentals and years later, the quest of Average Bo began. In 2012 he released 1 solo mixtape (Love And Microphone) and has been featured on numerous other project since. As a performer he has opened for various local and international artists from Scarface and Dreezy to Lil Bibby, Twista, Crucial Conflict, Probable Cause, and Chance The Rapper. Currently he is working on building a solid foundation by release of singles, use of social media, and playing shows all around the Chicago land area.

For updates on all things Average Bo follow on twitter @TheAverageBo and visit soundcloud.com/averagebomusic as well as SmileyTowerEnt.com!

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