The Fight of the year!

2017 has just started and already we have a main event fight on our hands, the only thing is these fighters aren’t boxers. One is a RnB singer by the name of Chris brown. The other one, is a rapper who calls himself Soulja boy AKA big Soulja and now BIg Draco. This a celebrity boxing match that starting from a simple argument on social media between the 2 artists.


Apparently Soulja boy liked one of karrueche (Chris brown’s EX) picture on instagram and Chris immediately called him and said he wanted to fight. Chris took to his social media to defend himself against the accusations which led to the two trading words over social media and eventually setting up a fight to end the feud. Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and  hip artist and mogul 50 cent have sense turned their words into action by making the event an actual boxing match that is to be viewed on pay-per-view.


We don’t know if this a huge publicity stunt or a real fight. We really won’t be able to know until a date is set. One things for sure I know we all want to see if Soulja boy can put his money where his mouth. Tune in to Fly In Fly out Radio fridays from 4-5 on Windy City Underground.

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