Wayne’s House of Rock 11/7/16: The Show That Never Was

Due to system difficulties my show and most, if not all of the other shows, were cancelled today. Sorry to disappoint, but barring any other unforeseen difficulties I’ll be back next Monday with an all new show.

Had we had a show today we would have talked about the Cubs winning the world series. In spectacular fashion they won three straight to best the Indians. The city of Chicago put on a heck of a parade and rally for our “lovable losers” that had roughly 5 million people show up to it. The 7th largest gathering of humans in one place. Illinois Media School sent my class and most other classes that were in on Friday out into the maelstrom to film the crowd and get some interviews. Here’s some of what I got.


Since the election is tomorrow, would have talked briefly about it. The Trump and Hillary sh!tshow will come to an end tomorrow. One of them will become out next President. I was curious if my vote even mattered, what with the electoral college and all. Did a little research. Was less than thrilled with the results. I’ll let you read what I read and you can decide for yourself.

Would have played music from Slaves on Dope, Loa Hex, London Has Fallen,  Marina City,  Guardrail, and more. So tune in next week on Monday from 4 to 5 pm cst. You won’t be sorry you did. If you miss me and can’t wait a week for me, find me on Twitter & Facebook @TheWayne667.

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