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Everybody Love Snacks 

Last night on Rated Black for Everyone Radio, up and coming rap artist SMB Snacks was in the studio. We discussed his early struggles, his goals for 2017, and debut the single “Proving” from his soon to be released EP Mark My Words. When asked if “Proving” was describing himself before the struggle, during it, or afterwards he said: “…definitely during the struggle. In a house with no heat eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to living in my car  when I was 18. I definitely had something to prove toRead more

The AA show 

On the show last night we talked about the soccer game of the year. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. One of Sergio’s favorite conversations. He really loves the game and goes in talking about it. Also we talked about the new Underworld. Attempting not to give away anything because it’s not out in the US. But I talked about it anyway. We laughed, talked, and had fun as usual… be sure to tune in next week, when we explore trying not to talk about the President elect…..

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What’s a good age to stop believing in Santa Claus 

On  Queensiee show today’s topic was whats a good age to stop believing in santa claus.I was just expressing how when i was at the age of 14 i was told that santa wasn’t i asked what is a good age to tell a child that santa isn’t real or should you just leave it so that they can find out on there own.Listen to Queensiee Tuesdays 12-1pm

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Wayne’s House of Rock 12-05-2016 

New music is a lot like Christmas. Today I got a couple of presents in the form of Stolen Airplane and Rylos. Mentioned a show that Rylos has at Bar Loose. Unfortunately, Bar Loose is in Helsinki, Finland. If you happen to be in Helsinki on the 7th of December, stop by Bar Loose and check out Rylos. Should be a fun show, heck any band that has a giant carrot as their mascot has to be fun to watch, right?

I spent my Sunday night enjoying the House of Blues for the first time. It’s a very intimate venue where…

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LaDiva&LaMony Puro Chisme!! 

Hola a todos y a todas! Ya es Lunes y espero y le haigan sacado probecho al dia! Si te prediste de el show de LaDiva y LaMony el Viernes pasado, deja y te cuento lo que paso! El chisme de la los famosos le tocoahora al cantautor fallecido de Mexico! El poeta del pueblo  el difunto Joan Sebastian. Joan Sebastian paso a mejor vida el año pasado de Julio 13, 2015. Al fallecer quedo pendiente su herencia, la cual toda bia no se determina, pero al parecer los hijos de el fallecido cantante sean de clarado la…

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